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OEM is a leading provider of industrial components in Europe. With its exceptionally broad range of products from top manufacturers around the globe, OEM offers customers a unique opportunity to acquire all the components they require from a single supplier.

OEM Finland is a reliable cooperation partner that can make a wide range of high-quality products easily available to you. Our professional sales staff and product specialists have in-depth knowledge of their product areas and are prepared to help you find the best product for your technical needs. Fast deliveries and clear communication and operating methods are principles that we live by. We are an easy and reliable partner!

Your strategic partner

The foundation of our operations is to bring added value to both our customers and our manufacturers. We offer our customers an exceptionally wide and comprehensive product range, not to mention technical expertise and fast delivery times. We serve our manufacturers by guaranteeing them a strong local partner that knows the markets and serves as an effective distribution channel.

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Value-creating logistics

Our logistics center is located in Turku and serves as the delivery hub for all orders destined for Finland and the Baltic countries.

Our logistics center contains roughly 25,000 stocked product items, and some 160,000 delivery lines leave the center every year. By storing all our products under one roof, we ensure the availability of a large volume of products. Above all, we help our customers boost their procurement processes by delivering the products of several manufacturers in a single delivery.

Leading manufacturers & a specialized organization

We have built close partnerships with different component manufacturers around the world for nearly 40 years now. We serve as their sales organization in Finland, close to you.


Our manufacturers are leading specialists in their fields. By serving as our manufacturers’ sales organization in the Finnish market, we can offer a unique product range that includes more than 200 suppliers and over 50,000 products.

Product managers

Our product managers are experts in our products. They cooperate closely with our manufacturers and serve as their helping hand in Finland. Our product managers often work directly with our manufacturers’ product development organization, thus bringing our customers’ demands to the manufacturer’s direct attention.

Sales engineers

Our sales engineers have in-depth knowledge of all the products in their specialized product area. Their primary task is to work close to our customers and provide both technical and commercial support. Our aim is to find the best possible solution for every customer.

Customer service

Our customer service staff are at your service at a moment’s notice by phone and by email. You can also place your order with them. Let’s find the solution to your needs together! Contact us at 0207 499 499, [email protected], or in a chat window at oem.fi.

OEM Finland Oy - Tuotteet

Market-leading partners

The majority of our manufacturers operate globally and are leaders in their industry when it comes to technical solutions and product development. We bring our manufacturers added value by serving as the best possible sales channel.

Loyalty, partnerships and long-term agreements help us create strong and lasting bonds with our partners. Our goal is to turn our suppliers into market leaders by furthering the sales of their specialized products in the Finnish market.

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CSR and Quality Management

CSR and Quality Management

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Product areas

In order to serve you as efficiently as possible, we have divided our business into specialized product areas. Each product area has been assigned dedicated product specialists and sales staff.


Industrial batteries, sealed maintenance-free batteries and starter batteries for passenger cars, motorcycles, boats and heavy machinery. Also power tool batteries, battery chargers and battery accessories.


An extensive range of standard bearings, ball and roller, radial spherical plain bearings, as well as plain bearings and slewing rings. We can also supply bearing solutions according to the customer’s specifications.

Kaapeli ja liitäntätekniikka
cables & connectors

Standard and special cables, conductors, cable accessories and energy-transfer chains for the needs of machine and equipment manufacturers. Connector technology solutions for the needs of industrial automation and mobile equipment.

current feeding

Mobile current feeding components and systems for machine and equipment manufacturers. Products for rolling stock and charging and current feeding devices for chargeable vehicles and vessels.

Elektromekaniikka ja lämmönhallinta
electromechanics & Heat control

Electromechanical components and heat control, power supply and lighting solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers.

machine vision

Components for 3D imaging and software for machine vision applications.

Materiaalit ja laitteet
materials & Equipment

A comprehensive range of materials and equipment that are used in electronics production.

motors & bearings

Components for motor drives, linear motion and power transmission. We offer in-depth knowledge of products and applications.

Näytöt ja näppäimistöt
keyboards & displays

Display modules, LED displays, industrial monitors and custom designed keyboards and panel solutions.

panel components

Electrical and automation components and accessories for electrical control panel assemblies to meet the needs of machine and equipment manufacturers and end customers.

Paine & Voima
pressure & flow

Products for measuring and controlling pressure, flow, temperature, surface and force. Our product range also includes valves and accessories.


A wide range of pumps for, among other things, industrial and vehicle applications.


Discover our range of industrial robots from KUKA and igus®. We offer industrial robots in various configurations to meet different needs and challenges in various tasks. 

sensors & machine safety

Safety components and safety systems for the needs of machine and equipment manufacturers. A wide range of sensors, proximity switches, barcode readers and installation and control boxes for machine and equipment manufacturers.


Warning and work lights, LED destination signs, cameras and related products, antennas and mechanical accessories. We also supply vehicle hydraulic components for vehicle-body builders.

Contact information

Visiting address: Fiskarsinkatu 3, FI-20750 TURKU
Postal address: PL 9, FI-20101 TURKU
VAT number: FI04135690

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 8:00-16:30
Pick-up: 8:00-16:00

Customer service
Tel. +358 207 499 499
Email: [email protected]

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Invoicing information

We hope that you send your invoices primarily as e-invoices. Processing e-invoices is faster, more reliable and less expensive for both the sender and the recipient than handling paper invoices.

Our e-invoice addresses:


E-invoice address

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Basware Oyj



If you are unable to send e-invoices, we will kindly ask you to send paper invoices to the invoice scanning service at:

OEM Finland Oy
PL 9
20101 TURKU

Email invoice scanning service:

Send email invoices (PDF files) to:

[email protected]

Maximum ten PDF attachments per email, each attachment will have its own invoice.


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