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  • 1080p 60fps
  • 30x Optinen suurennus
  • 240mm työskentelyetäisyys
  • Sisäänrakennettu laser-osoitin
  • In-Line jalusta mahdollistaa kameran helpon kiinnityksen ladontalinjalle


By installing an Optilia Inline HD system after solder paste printing, component placement or soldering it is easy to discover and prevent failures early and reduce wastage and downtime. Accordingly, there are real financial advantages by using such systems because the sooner a failure can be detected the easier it can be addressed.


W30x-HD deploys cutting edge High Definition live video technology and offers superior resolution, contrast and colour reproduction with its built-in 30x auto focus zoom optics. This macro-inspection camera is ideal for visual examination and quality control of assembled boards, wires, connectors and similar objects. Large working distance of the W30x-HD optics makes is also suitable for repair and rework.


The XY-stand is with precision ball-bearing XY movement, specially developed for in-line mounting of Optilia HD inspection cameras in production lines. Optilia’s HD camera can be moved smoothly and precisely along X- and Y-direction above inspection object using this stand. An optional 4-directional tilt unit can be assembled on front of the stand boom in order to change direction angle of the camera for side inspection of objects.


The XY-stand can be ordered with maximum lateral X-length of 1000mm (pole to pole) and maximum longitudinal Y-length of 600mm. For larger Y-lengths, OP-006 342 with double housing boom assembly is provided!


If not specified, standard X-length (Pole to pole) is 520mm (X-travel becomes approx. 400 mm).

If not specified, standard Y-travel is 400mm (double rod boom length is 500mm).




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